Liam Neeson Will Take You Downtown in Taken

I love the idea behind Liam Neeson’s new action movie “Taken”. You may not think Liam Neeson can pull off action (then again, if you thought that, you clearly never saw “Batman Begins”), but you’d be dead wrong. Check out this latest trailer for “Taken”. In it, Neeson plays an ex-spy, now retired, who has to go back to work (if by “work” you mean bust heads, torture scumbags, and generally introduce a buttload of whup-ass to bad dudes) when some French criminals grab his daughter out of her hotel. Obviously they’re not planning on taking her shopping.

Neeson stars, and Maggie Grace plays the daughter. Famke Janssen shows up briefly as the mom and Neeson’s ex-wife in the movie. Pierre Morel, who directed “Banlieue 13” for producer/writer Luc Besson, directs this one.

There is a tentative September 19 release date for the flick.

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Taken Movie Poster