Liefeld Updates Youngblood Movie, Capeshooters

Youngblood Comic BookAccording to Rob Liefeld, the same guys who are currently writing the live-action adaptation of his “Capeshooters” for Bryan Singer is also currently writing the live-action adaptation of his “Youngblood” for Brett Ratner. The guys in question are J.P. Lavin and Chad Damiani, and in an interview with MTV, the former ’90s Image Comics golden boy also talks about the visual style and plot of the “Youngblood” movie, which will chronicle the exploits of a Government-sanctioned superhero team that broadcasts all their exploits to the public, essentially making them more celebrity than hero.

Via MTV:

Story-wise, the veteran creator said the big-screen adaptation of “Youngblood” would focus on team members Shaft and Chapel, the bow-wielding marksman and gun-toting former soldier who lead the team.

“They don’t like each other,” said Liefeld. “Shaft is the new kid on the block in the movie, and he and Chapel have to put aside their differences to save the Youngblood program.”

And forget about seeing Badrock in the movie. He’s not in the first film. Liefeld says it’s because Badrock doesn’t fit into the movie, but maybe it’s more about the budget. The guy is, you know, made of rock, which is easy enough to draw in the comics, but will probably cost a bundle on the big screen.

As to the look of the movie:

“There are characters that have micro-cameras installed on their bows, their arrows, their semiautomatic rifles, their bo staffs,” Liefeld explained of the ambitious, unique visuals he hopes the adaptation will bring to the screen. “You’re getting footage from a thousand angles, from the casing on their weapons to their armor.”

“When Youngblood goes live, the whole word watches,” he added.

Cameras on the tip of arrows? Um, okay.

Below: “Everyone, just ignore the rock-looking guy in the back.”

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