Like Angelina Jolie, The Walking Dead has Dumped Jonny Lee Miller

Or maybe something came up and Jonny Lee had to dump “The Walking Dead”. Perhaps there was never any deal in place. Whatever the reason, the former Mr. Angelina Jolie will no longer be stomping zombies for Frank Darabont’s adaptation of the Robert Kirtman comic book. The job of playing all-American small-town police officer Rick Grimes has gone to British bloke Andrew Lincoln (below), reports THR.

I’ve never heard of Lincoln, but apparently he’s been in “Teachers” and “Love Actually”, which both sounds suspiciously like chick flicks, and being that I’m a macho guy with macho predilections, I of course have never seen either movie.

“Shawshank Redemption’s” Frank Darabont wrote and will direct the pilot for AMC, who has given the show a 6-episode order. Look for the dead to rise again sometime in October of this year. Gee, why October? Oh well, I’m sure there’s a good reason for the premiere date.