Like Ass-Kicking Chinese Action? Dennis Law’s Bad Blood is For You

Dennis Law’s “Bad Blood” is a triad movie only in the sense that there are triad stuff a’happenin’ onscreen, but let’s face it, this is a kung fu/martial arts movie, filled with crazy, intense whirlwind fights. Law has already shown a skill for the genre in previous efforts like “Fatal Contact” and “Fatal Move”, and this looks like a major step forward for him in terms of action choreography. The cast includes Simon Yam (he’s always good), Andy On (he can be okay), and a new face to me, Jiang Lui Xia. If you like “Chocolate” or “Raging Phoenix”, you should definitely keep an eye out for Jiang Liu Xia, who is the little lady doing all the ass-kicking stuff in the trailer you see below (via the boys at Twitch), not to be confused with the pretty lady sitting around talking with Simon Yam.

When the boss of a ruling Hong Kong triad is arrested and executed in China for counterfeiting money, mayhem ensues as the mob’s leading contenders circle the throne.

Will it be tough guy FUNKY (Simon Yam)? The boss’ daughter AUDREY (Bernice Liu)? The strange mute DUMBY (Lu Xia Jiang)? The quiet achiever CALF (Andy On)? Or the power hungry senior officers HUNG (Kenneth Low), KONG (Xin Xin Xiong) and ZEN (Wai Man Chan)? The body count mounts as one by one they fall victim to mysterious murders, until only one will remain standing to seize power.

“Bad Blood” pours into Hong Kong theaters in 2010.