Like Game of Thrones? Well, These Guys Read The Effin’ Books

The Axis of Awesome - Rage of Thrones

In case you’ve been living under a rock, then you probably already know that Season 3 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” premieres this Sunday, March 31st on the cable network. (At the same time as “The Walking Dead” Season 3 finale! Thank God for DVRs.) Which probably means you’ll be getting a lot of converts (or wagon jumpers, if you will) on Monday at work telling you about how great the show is.

Well if you’re anything like the Axis of Awesome guys, then you’ve probably read the books, and hate the fact that a lot of newcomers are suddenly hopping on the “Game of Thrones” bandwagon. Hey, it happens. Who cares if you waited six years for “A Dance with Dragons”? Or that you had to suffer through the misery that was “A Feast for Crows”?

For all of you who were on the George R.R. Martin wagon before “Game of Thrones” became a TV show, here’s The Axis of Awesome’s “Rage of Thrones” to express what you probably felt when season 1 of the show first aired two years ago. In this case, the books were definitely better. Or at least, the Battle of Blackwater was only a million times more epic in the books and wasn’t the one-beach fight scene it was on the show. I mean, come on, couldn’t they have spent more money on that thing?

Warning: Salty language.

Via : Galley Cat