Like it or Not, Austin Powers 4 is Coming to a Theater Near You.


After consuming the ambitious 2002 misfire “Austin Powers in Goldmember”, I realized I was done with the franchise. The jokes were completely played out, the characters were stretched to their breaking point, and Myers himself just looked tired of the whole shebang. However, after the cinematic failure that was “The Love Guru”, Myers is heading back to material that he knows by heart. So is it really that surprising that “Austin Powers 4″ is currently in the works? Given the industry’s obsession with sequels, I’d say not really.

As of this writing, there’s no director on-board, and no one really seems to know which direction Myers and company are heading with the next installment. I’m sure they won’t muck with the formula too much, as Myers seems pretty comfortable with these characters at this point. Whether or not the fanbase is will there remains to be seen, though, after roughly nine years, I’m sure people will be more than willing to revisit the franchise.

Yeah, baby? We shall see, Mr. Powers. We shall see.

Source: Hitfix

Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Drsftpork

    A few things-

    NO ONE wants to see this.

    It will likely take place in a Casino

    Dr. Evil will steal/ruin the movie

    They will introduce 2 new running gags, that will be the only funny part of the movie

    The plot will likely focus on him being the mentor of a young new spy who is actually good at his job, and Austin coming to terms with that.

    He will look at the camera too much

    It will be in 3d

    It will focus more on making fun of itself than making fun of James Bond.

    You will leave feeling hollow and disappointed

  • Koschei 1975

    Wow Drsftpork…are the screenwriter? If not, get onto it man, that seems exactly like the kinda crap they’d do. You should be getting paid for these absurd and oh so Hollywood ideas you have. ;)

  • Michelle Simson

    In recent years that have been lots of speculations as to whether Austin Powers 4 would actually see the light of the silver screen. The man behind the film, no other than the genius Mike Myers…