Like It or Not, Director Ryan Nicholson is Preparing Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep

Gutterballs (2008) Movie Image

After viewing director Ryan Nicholson’s insanely demented and extraordinarily insane horror flick “Gutterballs” for the first time, I felt like I needed to disinfect my soul. If you’re a fan of shocking, over-the-top gore, then this particular flick was designed with your unstable ass in mind. Naturally, I’ve seen the first twice since my initial viewing, and I’m pleased to say it’s just as hard to stomach the third time through as it was the first. The level of depravity on display is unreal, and it currently ranks as Nicholson’s best endeavor to-date.

Because Ryan seems to understand the power “Gutterballs” has over its audiences, he’s decided to return to these bloodied bowling lanes for “Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep.” In a recent Facebook post, Nicholson revealed that he’s getting closer to a shooting script, which, hopefully, means we’ll see this thing sometime next year. Fingers crossed! In order to get the buzz going, the director debuted a new poster for the flick, which you can see below.

Need a “Gutterballs” trailer? That has been included, as well.

Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep Movie Poster