Linda Cardellini and Paul Walker in The Heaven Project

Good news, bad news, kids. The good news is that The Hollywood Reporter reports that Linda Cardellini is immensely cute and she’s in a movie that has a kick-ass premise. Bad news is that it also stars Paul Walker, who can’t, as of yet, learned to act his way out of a paper bag. Even better news: The movie is called “The Heaven Project”, and it’s about a convict who is sentenced to death, “but wakes up from his execution with a new life in a small Oregon town where he works as groundskeeper at a psychiatric facility. He’s told that he was given a second chance by God, but questions whether that is actually what happened.” Basically, a real mind-fuck movie.

Here’s a better (albeit more abstract) description from

A harrowing and frightening thriller about a man who has everything he’s ever loved stripped away from him; and to earn his life and family back, he must face obstacles of mystical origins, endure countless tests of his faith, struggle with his own sanity, and explore the depth and the power of his soul.

Geez, I don’t know about you, but that sure sounds like a very demanding role. And it’s being played by — gasp — Paul “Keanu’s Less Talented Twin Brother” Walker???

Anyhoo, the film is written and directed by John Glenn (no, not the astronaut), and co-stars Tony Curran, Piper Perabo, and Bob Gunton.