Lindsay Lohan Takes it Off for Machete’s Pissed Off Mexican

Hey, remember when Lindsay Lohan used to be an honest to goodness actress with one of those “it girl” monikers attached to her? Well those days are long gone, my friends, and nowadays Lohan’s movies go direct-to-DVD if she’s lucky to even be working at all. It’s gotten so bad, Lindsay Lohan has to resort to going full frontal in a movie about a pissed off Mexican looking for some payback from the evil gringo types just to get back into the movie news biz.

In the Robert Rodriguez produced and co-directed actioner “Machete”, Lohan will play a gun-toting socialite named April Benz who, in one scene, gets into the pool naked with another woman and the movie’s star, Danny Trejo. This site says the below pic is Lindsay from the movie, though honestly, I can’t tell if it is or isn’t. Click here for the uncensored version. According to one of our readers, the pic below is a scene from the fake “Machete” trailer found in the movie “Grindhouse”. Now just swap one of the naked girls with Lohan.

Cut yourself off a slice of that booty April 16, 2010.