Lionsgate Heads to Dead Island

Dead Island Game CoverBecause apparently it’s kinda hard coming up with new ways to get promiscuous teens to battle zombies to the death, Lionsgate has optioned the film rights to Deep Silver’s “Dead Island” zombie survival game. (If you’ve never seen “Dead Island”, there are a couple of vids below to get you clued in.)

In their press release, Lionsgate makes a big deal of the game’s first teaser trailer, which showed a family vacationing in a lush tropical resort when a zombie infestation takes a big bite out of their lounging in the sun time.

The film’s premise, like the game, will follow “vacationers whose island paradise becomes a living hell when a zombie outbreak quickly spreads. Cut off from the rest of the world, the survivors have only the available materials and the island’s natural “weapons” to protect themselves from the viscous and growing legions of the undead. In addition to the award-winning trailer and video game, the Dead Island intellectual property will be simultaneously developed by Deep Silver into forthcoming graphic novels, novels and other extensions.”

Sean Daniel will produce the movie version of the game, which reached the top spot in the U.S. and UK upon its release earlier this month.

Of course, film studios option game properties all the time, so there’s a good chance nothing will come out of this. After all, haven’t we already seen plenty of zombie movies set on islands?