Lionsgate is Developing a Red TV Show


Red (2010) Movie PosterThat would be “Red”, the movie franchise based on the comic book by Warren Ellis. The franchise already has one successful entry, with a second currently gearing up for production in Europe, with all the surviving castmembers back and new ones added on (including “G.I. Joe’s” Byung-hun Lee).

Meanwhile, Lionsgate is not sitting on their laurels, and has already begun exploring the idea of a “Red” TV show. (They’re also looking at doing a TV show based on the “Step Up” dance movies, but yeah, who cares about that one, really.)

There’s really no other details, just that Lionsgate Chief Executive Jon Feltheimer let the cat out of the bag during a conference call with some journos earlier today. If the show goes forward, we should hear more about it later. If not? Well, it was just an idea, right?

“Red”, of course, stars Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, and John Malkovich as retired CIA spooks who are forced back into service when their old agency decides they need to be gotten rid of. They, of course, disagree, and in the first movie, the unretired badasses successfully get themselves removed from the CIA’s kill list — and back into service once again.

Obviously you’re not going to get Willis, Mirren, or Malkovich to do a regular TV show, so a “Red” series would have to hire a whole new set of actors to repeat the movie’s gimmick: which is, Willis, Mirren, and Malkovich (and oh, Morgan Freeman, too) kicking the asses of people half their age. Though honestly, I’m not sure you can ever top seeing Helen Mirren with a machinegun…

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  • Thecrow77

    Hollywood butchered the graphic novel this movie was based on. They really don’t need to piss on it further by making a TV show.

    • Dedpool

      Um, butchering would mean they cut it to pieces and it didn’te resemble the comic. The Author himself said there wasn’t enough of the comic to make a full length film. All they did was add a bit of comedy a few more characterrs and actually gave the protag a personality. Otherwise he would;ve been a cardboard cut out of every older former CIA agent ever on film. I liked RED. i don’t know if it’d work well as a series simply cause of the stars that were in the movie but if they go the route of the “Transporter” show and just cast a new person in the role I don’t see it working. have another RED agent or something and make it a bit more serious to differentiate it from the film.

      Also Lionsgate is talking an “Ependables” tv show. THAT will NOT work without Sly and crew.

    • Juggernaut

      I know first hand how bad it sucks when material that you hold dear is “ruined” by Hollywood. That being said, I’d never read the original graphic novel and I liked the movie, a lot. I agree that a TV series wouldn’t work. The main reason for my liking the movie was the cast. Even though a lot of big name film talent have opted to venture into television I highly doubt that Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman would. Make a few more movies if you want to tell more stories in this world.

      • Dedpool

        I have read the book and I loved it. I really liked the movie too. Similar but different. It’s a very similar situation to the Losers. the comic was very serious but the movie had a sense of humor. I enjoyed them both.

        As for this like I said I think the only way this could work is with a differnt tone and a different protagonist and cast. They are already contuing the movie story with a sequel. let this stand apart.