Lionsgate Makes The Spirit an Early Christmas Present

Thought Frank Miller’s teaser trailer for “The Spirit” was groovy and can’t wait to see it? Well you’re in luck, because Lionsgate feels your pain and they’ve decided to move the film’s release date up from a January 16, 2009 release to a December 25, 2008 release. Yup, you’re going to get into the Spirit, as it were, much earlier than expected. Makes visiting the in-laws a lot more tolerable, doesn’t it?

The Hollywood Reporter has the good news:

Of the move, Lionsgate president of theatrical films Tom Ortenberg said: “Comic-Con fans (in New York in March) resoundingly confirmed what we felt in our bones about ‘The Spirit’: this is a great film and an irresistible piece of entertainment. … For all of us, it was an easy decision.”

Wow. A movie studio listening to the fanbase and giving them what they want. What a novel idea.

“The Spirit” stars Gabriel Macht, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Sarah Paulson, Stana Katic, Dan Lauria, Jaime King, Paz Vega and Louis Lombardi.

Frank Miller's The Spirit