Lionsgate to Distribute Frank Miller’s The Spirit Live-Action Movie

In case you haven’t heard (where have you been, living under a garage?), Frank Miller is writing and directing a live-action movie adaptation of Will Esiner’s pulp crimefighter, The Spirit. He’s since finished the script, and Variety reports that Lionsgate has acquired domestic (U.S.) and UK rights to sell the film. At the moment, Lionsgate is using Miller’s script (and no doubt, Miller’s name, the man having been responsible for creating two ginorous blockbusters in as many years, counting among them “Sin City” and “300” (and including the upcoming “Sin City 2”)) as their sales pitch.

The Spirit is a man who fakes his own death so he can fight crime from the shadows of Central City. His nemesis is the Octopus, who kills those unlucky enough to see his face and is looking to wipe out the entire city. Miller, who first got behind the camera to co-direct “Sin City” with Robert Rodriguez, will make “The Spirit” his first solo helming effort… [t]he production start of “The Spirit” will be influenced by the start date of the “Sin City” sequel that Miller will make with Rodriguez.

Miller and pulp crime? That’s like combining my open mouth with air. It just feels right.