Lionsgate to Give up the Goblin This July

Did you all watch “Goblin” when it debuted on the SyFy channel last year? Generally I just wait for these things to hit DVD, but this was one I was extremely excited about, due in part to my obsession with the “Leprechaun” series. Don’t get me wrong — the film doesn’t come close to matching the genius that is the “Leprechaun” franchise, but it does its job with a surprising amount of enjoyment. For those of you unfortunate souls who missed it, Lionsgate will bestow “Goblin” upon the masses on July 26th.

Here’s are the specifics:

Each Halloween night, the small town of Hollow Glen is visited not by trick-or-treaters but by a creature known as The Goblin. In what began as a harmless fall festival ritual, local farmers threw their diseased crops into a large bonfire to bless the soil for the following year. But in 1831, a troubled couple took the ritual too far, and threw their sickly, deformed child into the fire. Out of the ash arose something evil, and the Goblin now stalks the town intent on capturing infants and murdering anyone in its path each year. This time, the Perkins family finds themselves as the target of the terror.

Want to know what you’re getting into before dropping all of that hard-earned currency on yet another SyFy original movie? Check out the clips below. And be sure to thank Shock Till You Drop if you like what you see.