Lionsgate Wants a PG-13 Punisher War Zone?

You guys remember all those articles on the net, and on this site, that chronicled the supposed departure of director Lexi Alexander as director of “Punisher: War Zone”? And how some believed it was a ploy for publicity? Well you can probably safely dismiss the “ploy” angle now, if this news that Lionsgate is eyeballing a PG-13 rating for the latest “Punisher” movie turns out to be true. Seems that the success of “The Dark Knight” (it’s also rated PG-13) has convinced Lionsgate that their movie about a violent vigilante who kills, on a bad day, 30 gangsters and petty muggers, can also get by with a PG-13 rating. Obviously, right?

Here’s Latino Review with the rumor of the day:

Following up on an earlier article, one of my contacts deep within the bowels of Hollywood and close to the Punisher: War Zone project (source will not be named. Sorry!) told me today that the big fight over the Punisher project is Lionsgate wants a PG-13 cut to be released.

Of course, Lionsgate can always say, “This was never intended to be PG-13. We always had an R rating in mind.” but I trust Hollywood as far as I can throw it. I’m sure there’s some Lionsgate exec thinking this film can do what The Dark Knight has done with a PG-13 rating.

A PG-13 rated Punisher? Are you shitting me, Lionsgate? The Punisher kills gaggles of people. No, not gaggles. He kills so many people a day that you would need to invent a new word for it. Like, boggles of people. Or, dangles of people. Stuff like that.

If this turns out to be true, that is..

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