Lionsgate Wins the Kick Ass Movie Prize

After going head-to-head with big boys Paramount and Universal, little ol Lionsgate has won the domestic rights to distribute Matthew Vaughn’s sure-to-be controversial “Kick Ass”, his big-screen live-action adaptation of the vulgar, brutal, and cartoonishly violent (or is that comic bookishly violent?) comic book by Mark Millar (“Wanted”) and John Romita Jr. This follows news that all three studios were vying for the movie, which was independently financed due to the film’s violent content. It appears that move has paid off.

According to Variety, Lionsgate’s deal for the movie is described as “big”, and no doubt probably includes a pledge by the studio not to mess with the film’s content, which includes uber violence and foul language that would make the most veteran of scurvy sailors blush, all of it involving minors. For a glimpse of the movie’s controversial content, check out the Comic Con bootleg trailer.

“Kick Ass” stars Nicolas Cage, Aaron Johnson, Chloe Moretz and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. The film made a huge splash at this year’s Comic Con, and was one of the hits of the shindig, along with James Cameron’s “Avatar” and its 25 minutes of footage.

Lionsgate is looking at a 2010 release date for “Kick Ass”.

Howdy, I'm Hit Girl, one of the stars of Kick Ass. Wanna play?

Howdy, I'm Hit Girl, one of the stars of Kick Ass. Wanna play?