Liquid Memories (2010) Movie Review

How do I even begin to describe director Jimmy ScreamerClauz’s 2010 animated horror outing “Liquid Memories”? Attempting to do so would be akin to relating the contents of an acid trip to someone who’s never taken a hallucinogenic drug. It’s hard to imagine how an individual could accurately transfer this mind-boggling madness from their brain to the screen. I am in awe.The strangest thing about the entire experience is its presentation; the film feels like a cut scene from an early Playstation 2 game, albeit one that features a woman pleasing herself by fingering the baby head growing between her legs. Did that sentence make sense to you? If so, I’m sorry.

The story itself is pretty heady: An emotionally unstable man, unable to unravel the infinite mysteries of death, decides to completely wipe the dreary subject from his memories. In order to do so, he has to obtain a special chemical secreted by the human brain moments before the body shuts down forever. At first,everything appears to be going smashingly, that is, until he decides to extract his drug of choice from a hooker who is about to take an eternal trip into the Great Beyond. Instead of erasing his memory, he effectively enters the prostitute’s fractured psyche, sending our hero on a journey of self-exploration that he won’t soon forget.

In terms of narrative, that’s about all you’re going to get. Our nameless protagonist ventures through a nightmarish world filled with all sorts of perverted, psychosexual imagery, none of which are for the squeamish. It’s not as emotionally devastating as, say, “A Serbian Film”, but it comes pretty darn close. Were it not for a complete lack of attachment to the characters and their respective situations, “Liquid Memories” would rank as one of the most disturbing motion pictures I’ve ever seen. A lot of the problems are directly related to the film’s animation, which is crude, at best. If watching cut scenes in survival horror games works your last nerve, chances are you’ll bail on this one five minutes in. If you can make it past this hurdle — which I almost didn’t — you should be okay. Until you get to sex scene involving the family dog, that is.

Although admitting that you enjoyed something as utterly demented as “Liquid Memories” could clear a room faster than a Five Alarm Chili fart, I’m not afraid to admit that the film is pretty awesome. It’s easy to dismiss the film as shock for the sake of shock, particularly since a lot of the violent sexual imagery seems to serve no other purpose. Then again, maybe it does, and I’m simply too daft to piece this horrific little puzzle together. If you’re the sort of person who likes challenging cinema, the kind of stuff that pushes the cinematic envelope, you may want to give “Liquid Memories” a shot should the opportunity present itself. I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it. Assuming, of course, that you haven’t played “Silent Hill 2” after eating an entire bag of shrooms. Which, of course, I haven’t. You know, for the record.

Jimmy ScreamerClauz (director) / Jimmy ScreamerClauz (screenplay)
CAST: Brandon Slagle … The Man (voice)
Ruby Larocca … The Hooker / Eyeballs (voice)
Linnea Quigley … Hooker’s Mom (voice)