Listen to Batman’s Awesome Theme Song from The LEGO Movie

Batman in The LEGO Movie (2014) Movie Image

I haven’t seen “The LEGO Movie” yet. I’m just not, you know, as enamored with LEGO as some people are. I never really played with it as a kid, and the idea of turning movie properties into LEGO just never really appealed to me, but apparently I’m one of the few, because the film made a buttload of money when it opened this week — to the tune of $69 million.

So I’m not sure if Will Arnett as the voice of Batman was the reason for that, but it probably didn’t hurt. Apparently Batman sung his own theme song in the movie, but not in its entirely. Now you can hear the whole thing. Or well, the first minute, which I assume is all that was ever actually written, though Batman himself claims this is just the first verse.

Damn, LEGO Batman is pretty messed up, yo.

Sing it with me now. “Darkness… No parents!”

Via : io9