Liv Tyler Will Suffer Ti West’s Side Effect

Liv Tyler“The Innkeepers'” Ti West has found his leading lady for a new thriller he’s cooking up called “The Side Effect” (not to be confused with the upcoming Steven Soderbergh film “The Side Effects”).

Liv Tyler (“The Strangers”) will go into outer space for West’s film. Tyler will play Catherine Rigby, “a woman who spends several months alone in space as an experimental subject for a global pharmaceutical company, and finds herself inexplicably pregnant. Paranoia and hysteria reign as the truth behind conception grows more elusive and she remains stranded in space.”

(Soderbergh’s film, “The Side Effects”, will star Blake Lively as a young woman who starts popping pills to escape her troubles; that, too, is a thriller.)

Horror indie fave Ti West is the director of “The House Of The Devil”, with his latest, “The Innkeepers” getting good buzz among horror fans.

“The Side Effect” is still being shopped to foreign buyers, but with a leading lady already attached, I’m guessing production should start pretty soon. And given the film’s similar sounding title to the Soderbergh movie, I suspect one of the films will get a title change to avoid confusion. Perhaps Soderbergh’s movie will revert back to “The Bitter Pill”, the title it was going under before switching over to “The Side Effects”.

Ti West

Via : Deadline