Liv Tyler’s The Strangers Yellow Band Trailer

Supposedly based on a true story, “The Strangers” with Liv Tyler looks like it could be a really good thriller, the kind that probably won’t make much a bang at the box office, but may find a cult following on DVD or cable. A yellow band trailer (kinda appropriate for all ages, but not R-rated) for the film has shown up (below), and it looks somewhat interesting. Not a whole lot, as this looks like just a teaser trailer, and not the full trailer. It only really runs a minute and change, and most of that is slide shows. And yeah, the premise does sound a lot like the French movie “Ils” (“Them”)

A terrifying suspense thriller about a couple (Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman) in a remote suburban house who are targeted by three dangerous masked strangers. The resulting clashes force the couple to go well beyond what they thought themselves capable of in order to survive.

Starring Liv Tyler, Gemma Ward, Scott Speedman, and directed by Bryan Bertino.

Don’t open the door October 2007.