Live-Action Call of Duty Movie Trailer? Find Makarov Now!

Hollywood has been on a tear trying to make viable movie franchises out of every popular game in existence, but for some reason no one has ever managed to get the brain cells together to do a live-action, honest-to-goodness “Call of Duty” movie. This, despite the fact that the games have sold a gazillion copies worldwide, with the last few iterations (including the “Modern Warfare” sequels and the most recent, “Black Ops”) still being massively popular among the masses.

Which leads us to this. There have been a lot of YouTube videos doing their best “live-action Call of Duty” impression, but I don’t think anyone’s come close to the polish of this “Find Makarov” trailer by the folks over at Toronto-based WCPToronto.

The “trailer” was directed by Jeff Chan, who managed all this with “very limited resources”, I’m told. Other names on the project include Patrick Lo, Nir Zahavi, and producer David Fradkin.

Get more at the film’s Facebook page.

Find Makarov – Live Action Modern Warfare Trailer (HD) from We Can Pretend on Vimeo.