Live-Action Space Battleship Yamato Attacks with a Full Trailer

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Previously only seen in glimpses as a teaser trailer, here’s your first full look at the big-budget live-action “Space Battleship Yamato” movie via YouTube. Based on the popular anime, the live-action movie is directed by Takashi Yamazaki (“Returner”), and stars Koyuki (last seen in “Blood: The Last Vampire”), Aya Ueto (star of the “Azumi” movies), and Takuya Kimura (“I Come with the Rain”). It was apparently shown during a Japanese TV show, hence the PIP with the people, uh, watching the trailer along with us.

To save the human race once again facing the danger of extinction, the restored Yamato voyages in to outer space. The year is 2220. A black hole with a size 300 times larger than the sun approaches the Solar System and the earth is expected to fall in to massive black hole. A transmigration to the Sairam Star begins and the first convoy led by Kodai Yuki departs the earth. But a mysterious fleet attacks the convoy and they disappear. When the second convoy meets the same fate, Kodai Susumu heads to the Sairam in the newly rebuilt Yamato.

IMDB has the film scheduled for December 1, 2010 in Japan. You Stateside folks will probably be looking for an import DVD in 2011.

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  • Dedpool aka Jiinx

    That was pretty impressive. They usually don't get huge CG budgets. This looks to set the bar rather high over seas. Now if Tobey Maguire is still looking into doing a “Robotech” film I suuggest he look at this and see what can be done on a NON-Hollywood budget. If he can get it to look half as good as this then it can work.