Live in England? Fancy checking out some new Asian Films?

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The Terracotta Far East Film Festival runs from the 6th to the 9th May, at the Prince Charles Cinema in Leicester Square London.


Well it’s full of fantastic films, which include “Bodyguards and Assassins”, Jackie Chans’s new period adventure “Little Big Soldier”, “20th Century Boys 3″, “Fish Story”, “Meat Grinder” and a host of other films from China, Japan, Thailand and Korea.

You can grab individual film tickets from £7.50 or a festival pass for all 15 films for £70 – but there are nice discounts for members of the cinema.  So if you’re not doing anything over that weekend and fancy checking out some new Eastern cinema, get your arses down to the Terracotta Far East Film Festival!

UPDATE:  Teddy Chan has been confirmed as a guest to the festival.

Author: Gazz Ogden

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