Lloyd Kaufman’s Gory Horror/Comedy Poultrygeist Headed to Blu-Ray

A word to the wise: If you’ve yet to experience the stupendous glory of Lloyd Kaufman’s outrageously bloody horror epic “Poultrygeist”, do so immediately. I’m not kidding — cancel your plans this weekend and pick up a copy post-haste. However, proud owners of Blu-Ray players may want to wait a week or so, as this enjoyably naughty little picture will arrive in all its high-definition glory on February 23rd. Truth be told, Troma hasn’t left a skidmark this thick on my soul in ages, and I’m eager for others to see the madness for themselves. Whenever I get around to picking up a Blu-Ray player for myself, you can rest assured that this is one of the first purchases I will make. Am I crazy? That depends on your definition of the word, I suppose.

The artwork lies below. Beyond that, you’ll find the trailer, which doesn’t even begin to capture the insanity contained within the film itself, though it does come close. Be aware that the embedded clip is vile, depraved, and definitely not safe for work.