Loads of Sex, Violence, and Green Screen in Spartacus TV Show

You may have heard, but they’re making a TV version of Spartacus, the famous gladiator cum rebel leader, for the premium channel Starz. And it’s not just a TV show, either — it’s Rome if Robert Rodriguez and Zack Snyder got their hands on it. Plus sex. Don’t forget the sex. Apparently this version of the Roman universe is going to be oozing with sex and violence and, of course, what Roman gladiator story would be complete without guys getting decapitated. That’s just good Roman storytelling there, folks.

Via THR’s Live Feed, here are just some of the things that producers on the Sam Raimi-attached show have promised us:

– The show has so much sex and violence that the initial pilot script was nearly NC-17, and had to be tone down.

– The show will be shot 100% in front of a green screen, which means it will never step foot outside a warehouse. EVER. Basically, a TV version of “Sin City” and “300”, if you still haven’t gotten tired of that whole stylized fakeness yet.

– Despite the show being on the Starz premium channel (which means you have to pay to see it, so no PG-13 broadcast standards here, boyos), the producers will still make two versions of the show — one for International audiences and one for Stateside. Being that Americans are still shocked and horrified when a has-been musician flashes her boobies on national TV during the Superbowl, I’m guessing the foreigners will get the racier and bloodier version. Imports, here I come!

– The lead actor who will be playing Spartacus will be an unknown. Sorry, Steve Guttenberg!

And finally …

– Spartacus will be “Gladiator” meets Deadwood.

Below: Rome: come for the hot girls, stay for the knife in the back.