Locke & Key Gets Commitment From Fox

Locke and Key Comic Book CoverLast week it was reported that Joe Hill’s comic “Locke & Key” is going to be adapted for TV by producing team Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, and Dreamworks TV. Josh Friedman, creator of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, is on board to write. The series now has a strong commitment from Fox, which is eyeing the project for a potential summer run.

“Locke & Key” tells the story of Nino Locke and her three children, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode, who survive an unspeakable horror and attempt to rebuild their lives at Keyhouse, their family home in Lovecraft, Massachusetts. It is a mysterious New England mansion, with fantastic transformative keys hidden inside its walls that are also being sought by a hate-filled and relentless creature with ties to the Locke family’s past who will stop at nothing to accomplish his sinister goals.

With “The Walking Dead”, and now talk of a “Sandman” series, making comic books into weekly television shows looks to be an impending epidemic. If they do it right, and give the source material its due, it could produce excellent results (“The Walking Dead” looks like it is going to be great). The episodic nature of the medium seems tailor made for TV, and instead of picking and choosing which bits of the often mammoth histories to cram into a single film, there is more time and space to fully develop the characters and plots. And like the actual comics, you could tackle different story arcs in different seasons.

Locke and Key Comic Book Cover