Locke & Key Shall Remain Under Locke & Key

FOX is on a roll. Unfortunately if you’re a fan of “Lie to Me”, “Human Target”, or “The Chicago Code”, then it’s not the good kind of roll. The network seems to be trying desperately to play it safe this year, canceling a handful of on the bubble shows while renewing safe bets. And the non-safe bets they are going with? That seems entirely as a ploy to curry favor with the show’s producers (Hello, J.J. Abrams!).

After axing “Human Target”, the network has also dropped the Nick Stahl/Miranda Otto-starring “Locked & Key” from producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman of “Fringe” fame. The producers also have “Exit Strategy” with Ethan Hawke at the network, though FOX seems unsure about that one, and at this point it could go either way.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: FOX is an odd duck. They are so easily hateable for all the good shows they cancel daily (Hello, “Firefly”!); then again, those good shows wouldn’t even see the light of day if not for them in the first place. So on the one hand, they’re the only network who would ever take a risk on some of the better genre stuff that makes it on the air, but on the other hand, they just end up killing them after a year or two! Or in the case of “Locke and Key”, before they even air. Sigh.