Logan’s Run Remake to Die at Age 21

“Logan’s Run” is yet another movie that I have no personal attachments to, so I’m not going to boo-hoo the remake. In fact, I wouldn’t mind seeing what today’s CGI and special effects could do with a futuristic tale like the one told in “Logan’s Run”. But for fans of the original, they might find a willy nilly change by producer Joel Silver to be a tad annoying — instead of the characters voluntarily dying at age 30, it will now be age 21. Which means, of course, that Silver can now cast all the Hollywood hunks and hunkettes he wants for his movie, and make it make sense. Well, at least as “make sense” as any futuristic movie can be, I suppose.

Here’s what Silver told MTV:

“The [original] is such a creaky old seventies movie and kind of silly,” [Joel Silver] said. “The book [meanwhile] is younger and cooler. We’ve gone back to that source material.”

Meaning “younger and cooler” aren’t just buzzwords, but quite literally true of Silver’s approach. Like the original novel on which the first movie was based, Logan is part of a society whose citizens voluntarily euthanize themselves before they reach old age. But unlike the first movie – where death occurred at 30 – all the citizens in Silver’s film die “at 21,” he said.

Okay, but just don’t go casting any kids from the CW. Oh, who am I kidding. That’s probably EXACTLY where he’s going to cast this thing.

On the bright side, all those revealing “wardrobe” that Jenny Agutter had to wear in the original would sure look good on today’s CW girl-of-the-year…

Logan’s Run Remake to Die at Age 21