Loki Joins Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak

Tom Hiddleston in Thor The Dark World (2013) Movie Image

Lost a British villain? No worries. There’s always another one to take his place.

Last month, Guillermo del Toro’s “Crimson Peak” lost Benedict Cumberbatch to whatever it is the ‘Batch plans on next (possibly reuniting with his “Star Trek into Darkness” director J.J. Abrams with a “Star Wars” role, maybe?), but he’s quickly swapped in Loki from the Marvel movies.

Tom Hiddleston, soon to be doing the evil thing once again in “Thor: The Dark World”, will replace Cumberbatch in the horror movie, set for release in 2015.

“Crimson Peak” also stars Jessica Chastain, Mia Wasikowska, and “Pacific Rim’s” Charlie Hunnam, and will find Wasikowska playing a young author name Edith Cushing who “discovers that her charming new husband is not who he appears to be.”

Burn Gorman and “Supernatural’s” Jim Beaver are also in the cast.

Via : Hero Complex