Loki Will Battle Giant Apes and Other Creatures on Skull Island

Tom Hiddleston at the Premiere of Marvel's Thor: The Dark World at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood

Legendary Entertainment has announced that Thor and the Avengers nemesis Tom Hiddleston will front their upcoming big-budget “Skull Island” special effects extravaganza, with Jordan Vogt-Roberts directing the film.

The movie is expected to return to the mysterious and prehistoric island where King Kong first surfaced before that whole, you know, Empire State Building fiasco.

The production company didn’t release any details about Hiddleston’s character, or really anything resembling a plot for “Skull Island,” but given King Kong’s appearance, you can expect plenty of giant monster battles while puny humans run around trying not to get squash.

And of course, one very hot blonde will get tossed in there somewhere.

“Skull Island” will stomp into theaters November 4, 2016.

So what does Tom Hiddleston have to say about this casting?