Longer High Kick Girl Trailer Doesn’t Look Overly Staged and Very Sucky at All

Okay, I’ll admit it, when I first posted that 25-second clip from “High Kick Girl”, I sorta bought into the idea that this thing could actually prove itself worth watching. Of course, it’s easy to see what happened: I was seduced by the knee-high socks and the idea of a Japanese girl kicking the asses of karate men. This longer, 2-minute trailer for “High Kick Girl” has convinced me that I was fooling myself. This is a poorly staged, cheaply shot, probably terribly made exploitation movie being sold on the premise of a young girl fighting grown ass men. And poorly orchestrated fighting, at that. And just as a bonus, they threw in another high kicking girl in a black school girl uniform.

I’m sorry. This movie is gonna suck.

But here ya go, enjoy the trailer anyways. I’m pretty sure this is everything that’s worth watching from the movie, in which case, it probably ain’t all that worth watching.