Looper’s Rian Johnson to Write and Direct Star Wars: Episode 8 & 9

Rian Johnson and Joseph Gordon Levitt on the set of Looper (2012) Movie Image

Longtime “Star Wars” fanboy J.J. Abrams is already writing and directing “Star Wars: Episode 7,” but once he’s done, it looks like he’ll be handling over the directing baton to someone else.

Once Abrams finishes up with “Episode 7,” sources are telling Deadline that “Looper’s” Rian Johnson who will take over starting with “Episode 8” and “Episode 9” by writing and directing both. Though The Wrap claims their own sources are saying Johnson will only direct the eighth movie and write a treatment for the ninth, but won’t also direct the latter.

Bottom online: We’re going to get at least one Rian Johnson-helmed “Star Wars” movie, with the possibility of two.

Johnson is most known for 2012’s time-travel actioner “Looper.” That film starred Joseph Gordon Levitt, who also starred in Johnson’s indie drama “Brick.” Johnson’s other film is 2008’s “The Brothers Bloom,” but it was really “Looper” that put him on the map.

Abrams’ “Star Wars: Episode 7” is due out in 2016. Lucasfilms has made it clear they want to release at least one “Star Wars” movie per year after “Episode 7,” including a couple of stand-alone movies directed by Gareth Edwards and Josh Trank.

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