Lost Boys 2: The Tribe Movie Trailer #2

Well I have to admit, the trailer for “The Lost Boys 2: The Tribe” that surfaced yesterday didn’t exactly get my engines running, or convince me (or anyone else, apparently) to run down to my local Blockbuster to camp out waiting for the movie to be released straight to DVD. (That seems to be the case now; no theatrical run for “The Tribe”, from all reports.) Maybe it was the fact that the trailer was so poorly received that the Powers That Be have released a second trailer so quickly after the first. So head on below to see the second trailer for “The Tribe” and see if it’s any better, or more of the same straight-to-DVD rubbish.

Thoughts: I guess they cut the first trailer with a lot of emphasis on the Corey Feldman character, at the expense of everything else. This second, longer trailer focuses on the two “teens” that is at the center of the movie, a brother and sister team, who gets drawn into the vampires’ circle.

The vampires still look like shit, though. The trailer does get bonus points for using the song from the first movie.

And oh yeah, Corey Feldman. “Who ordered the stake!”