Lost Boys 3: The Thirst (2010) DVD Review

The Frog brothers are back and they’re backier than ever! Er, I mean, froggier than ever? Well, it’s one of those things. Corey Feldman continues his career resurgence with a third “Lost Boys” movie (the second to go direct-to-DVD, counting 2008’s “Lost Boys: The Tribe”), joined once again by Jamison Newlander, who this time around actually gets to, you know, be in the movie proper. “Los Boys: The Thirst” is now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, On Demand and for Download from Warner Home Video.

As the lost boys and girls of San Cazador prepare to party under the Blood Moon, an alpha vampire conspires to turn these unsuspecting ravers into an army of undead. The only thing that stands between him and the annihilation of the entire human race is the infamous vampire fighting Frog Brothers. Armed with double-barrel holy water balloon launchers and multi-arrow crossbows, Edgar (Corey Feldman) and Alan Frog (Jamison Newlander) join forces to kick some blood-sucker butt in this latest high-energy, action packed adventure in the Lost Boys franchise.

Movie Review:

Want a little camp with your vampire killing? Director Dario Piana (“The Deaths of Ian Stone”) has got plenty of it in “Lost Boys: The Thirst”. The film is part camp, part comedy, and all Corey Feldman, so if you’re a fan of the man, then you’re probably going to love the hell out of this movie.

Feldman returns as Edgar Frog, fearsome vampire hunter. Well, formerly, anyway. Ol Edgar’s not doing too well nowadays; he lives in a shack of a trailer park, drives a piece of shit pick-up truck, and spends his nights visiting his brother, Alan Frog (Jamison Newlander), who has since succumbed to vampirism and now spends his nights carving little animals for sustenance. Hey, it beats going out and dining on homeless people.

Edgar’s life picks up when gorgeous vampire novelist Gwen Leiber (Tanit Phoenix) hires him to rescue her young brother, who vampires led by the evil DJ X (Seb Castang) have absconded with, and plans to use as part of some super vampire ritual or whatnot. Basically, lots of vampires are showing up in Edgar’s town, and our beleaguered and downtrodden hero must find his inner badass once more and kill himself some vamps. He’s assisted by bookworm cutie Zoe (Casey B. Dolan) in his quest, along with a vain reality TV star, and Matthew Dylan Roberts as a former Congressman turned vampire hunter. Also, Alan may or may not help out. Probably.

The best approach to “Lost Boys: The Thirst” is to keep in mind that everyone, from the cast to the writers, are in on the “joke”. The film really is pretty funny, with Corey Feldman grunting and growling his way through the movie like he’s got a, ahem, frog in his throat. The vampire killings are appropriately disgusting and there’s always a constant air of “let’s put on a show and have some fun!” about the whole movie that I found endearing. Overall, “The Thirst” is surprisingly likeable and I wouldn’t mind another “Lost Boys” or two in the future.

Fans of the original film should be happy with the sequel in that it references the original movie throughout. There’s also a very touching salute to the late Corey Haim, one of the original stars of the franchise, and a long-time friend of Feldman’s.

DVD Review:

The standard DVD comes with a 12-minute featurette called “Charisma Carpenter Hosts The Art of Seduction: Vampire Lore”.

The lovely Charisma Carpenter of “Buffy” and “Angel” fame (Get the vampire connection? Good.) guides you through the mystery of the vampire. Okay, it’s essentially a lot of footage from the movie intercut with talking heads talking about what makes vampires so gosh darn sexy. It doesn’t have nearly enough Charisma Carpenter if you ask me.