Lost Boys are found

lost1(Article by Tom G.) Well in this tidal wave of sequels currently occuring at the moment (with many going straight to DVD), Lost Boys 2 has got some cast members which are at the very least satisfactory for a redundant film.

Corey Feldman (along with Jamison Newlander) are returning as the Frog Brothers, while Corey Haim is back as Sam Emerson. But in the most interesting casting choice, the big bad will be played by Angus Sutherland who just so happens to be Kiefer Sutherland’s half-brother (if only 24 hadn’t been successful, they could have afforded the real deal).

Well there is not much else to say on this one. Directed by the guy who brought us From Dusk Till Dawn 3 and Sniper 3, expectations aren’t exactly high. I remember enjoying the original way back when it came out, but I’m not too sure if it holds up well today, so hopefully they’ll just be able to make a dumb  and gory horror flick out of this one.

Though all I want to hear now is that they give Alex Winter a job…poor guy having to watch Keanu Reeves be successful and make lots of money…

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