Lost’s Brian K. Vaughan Goes Under Stephen King’s Dome

Brian K. VaughanWell, if you needed a writer to tackle a TV series about a mysterious event that will continue to play a major role in the show for however long it runs, then you could probably do worst than one of the writers of the mystifying and at times convoluted “Lost”.

To that end, Stephen King’s “Under the Dome”, an upcoming TV series on Showtime based on King’s own mammoth novel, has located a writer in comic book writer Brian K. Vaughan (“Y: The Last Man” and “Runaways”) to tackle the adaptation for them. No word on how many episodes Vaughan will write, or how long he’ll stay on the show, though, but from the announcement, his hiring is apparently a pretty major step in launching the show on Showtime.

Produced by King and DreamworksTV, “Under the Dome” is one of King’s longer novels, and runs well over 1,000 pages. It concerns a small (where else?) Maine town that has been cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious invisible forcefield (aka the “dome” of the title). The real problem comes when members of said small town begins to exert power grabs against one another, eventually pitting a power-mad car salesman against a former soldier turned drifter.

Like “Lost”, the main mystery to “Under the Dome” will no doubt be the source of the dome itself. If you’ve read any of King’s previous novels, you can probably already figure out the answer, or at least an inkling of it. I mean, King doesn’t really abandon his wheelhouse all that often.

Hopefully the show will have more going for it than just the question of the dome, though it’ll be hard to figure out how long they could sustain a show based on a power struggle between the used car salesman and the ex-soldier. How do you turn something like that into an episodic series? I could see a mini-series, but an ongoing TV show? Then again, smarter people than I are working on this, so we’ll see.

Under The Dome Book Cover

Via : Deadline