Lost’s Yunjin Kim Developing an American Remake of Korean Time Travel Show for ABC

YUNJIN KIM in MistressesI love me some time travel. I think the boys at “Trek” did time travel the best. No, I’m not talking about the movies, or Abrams’ goofy idea of time traveling in the first “Trek” reboot. More like the TV shows. Even “Voyager” did some pretty cool time travel stories, but for my money, “The Next Generation” did them the awesomest.

So yes, I love me some time travel storytellin’.

Apparently so does former “Lost” star Yunjin Kim, who is currently adapting a South Korean time travel TV show called “Nine: Nine Time Travels” for American consumption via ABC, the same network that gave us Kim in “Lost” and the prime time soap opera “Mistresses”.

(Obviously that title’s gotta go. Maybe just stick with “Nine”? “Nine Lives”? Call me, ABC.)

Derek Simonds will pen the American version, about “a man with the ability to travel 20 years back in time who, in trying to alter a murder which destroyed his family, sets off a chain of events that impact the woman he loves and threatens his own life.”

The original show was described as being part thriller and part epic love story.

Although most American viewers only know her from “Lost” (and maybe some from “Mistresses”), Yunjin Kim is a pretty big star in South Korea, with a lot of really good movies to her credit. If you like her, you should definitely check out some of her Korean movies. There are some really good titles with her as the lead.

The show is currently just in development, which doesn’t mean much. It could move forward, or it could die once the network reads the pilot script. Who knows at this point, though I could always use another time travel show on the networks.

Here’s a look at a trailer for the Korean original. (Looks a bit goofy. And a lot of crying.)

Via : Deadline