Lou Ferrigno Can’t Hide His Black Ops Past in Aaron Pope’s Liberator

Liberator (2012) Movie Image

You know, I don’t want to be friends with someone who simply cannot get excited about a short film starring Lou Ferrigno, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, and Ed Asner. In fact, I refuse to believe that such a human being actually exists. If you haven’t seen the full trailer for writer/director Aaron Pope’s “Liberator” here’s a perfect opportunity to correct this problem. The solution resides in the space provided below. Everything you need to know about the picture is contained in the aforementioned clip, so I’ll forgo the usual plot synopsis. Strange, I know.

“Liberator”, which also stars Peta Wilson, Michael Dorn, and Tara Cardinal, will debut at the Holly Shorts Film Festival in Hollywood, California on August 11th, 2012. On your way out, swing by the official Facebook page. If you desire info, then that’s the place to be.

Liberator (2012) Movie Poster