Luc Besson Confirms District 13 (Banlieue 13) Sequel and Transporter 3

Frenchie action director/producer/wunderkind grouch Luc Besson has confirmed to Craveonline that yes, there will be a “District 13” (known as “Banlieue 13” in its native French) sequel, plus a “Transporter 3”. Besson also talks about his other projects, including some involvement with the “Hitman” movie, a possible sequel (or two) to “The Fifth Element”, and why working in America sucks donkey balls as compared to working in beautiful France. It’s a pretty interesting interview, and Besson really comes across like a highly agitated European. I can imagine it must be a dream to interview this guy in person. Har har.

Here’s the interesting part:

Crave Online: What can you tell us about the B13 sequel?

Luc Besson: We’re not going to do it.

Crave Online: Why not?

Luc Besson: I don’t know, I don’t feel it.

Crave Online: Would you at least use those guys in a different setting?

Luc Besson: I’d rather do District 13 2 with the same guys in France. We’re going to do a sequel in France.

Crave Online: Wait a minute, I just asked you that.

Luc Besson: Oh, I thought you were talking about the remake in English. Ah, sorry, sorry, I’m sorry. We’re going to do a sequel. But at the certain moment, there’s a big studio who asked us to remake the film and I said no.

Crave Online: Well, that’s fine. So what’s coming up for the French sequel?

Luc Besson: It’s going to be just a little bit more funny I think, the second one.

Crave Online: How about Transporter 3?

Luc Besson: Yeah. Probably March/April.

Crave Online: Will you still write it?

Luc Besson: Mm-hmm. It’s too much fun.

The news of a “Transporter 3” is great. I love that series, as ludicrous as it has become (or always was, actually). A sequel to “Banlieue 13” is also welcome. The original was erratic, but fun.

Here’s a scene from “Banlieue 13”. The whole movie is basically one big stunt sequence: