Luc Besson’s Pal Robert Kamen Tapped to Write Shooter Sequel, The Sword

The 47th Samurai Book CoverIn 2007, Mark Wahlberg picked up a sniper rifle in Antoine Fuqua’s “Shooter”. The film, which starred Wahlberg as a wrongly framed ex-military sniper, was based on the novel “Point of Impact” by Stephen Hunter. (You know the drill — the book was way better than the movie. Well, it happens to be true in this case. The movie, on the other hand, was simply Godawful and dumb as a big piece of dry rock.)

Hunter went on to write a series of novels starring Bobby Lee Swagger, the character Wahlberg played in the film. One of those books was “The 47th Samurai”, which Lorenzo di Bonaventura is currently producing and New Regency has now picked up.

New Regency has also set Luc Besson writing partner Robert Mark Kamen to adapt “The 47th Samurai”, since retitled “The Sword”. The story would find Swagger in Japan, trying to retrieve a WWII sword, only to discover that various factions want it, and they’re willing to kill him to get it. One of those factions? The Japanese criminal underworld known as The Yakuza. And those guys love to play with sharp things.

I’ve never read “The 47th Samurai”, but the notion of a highly-trained sniper forced to deal with the Yakuza on their home turf, is pretty intriguing.

No word if Wahlberg will return as Swagger. It’s only been 5 years since he last played the role, and “Shooter” was a modest hit, earning $95 million worldwide from a $61 million dollar budget. Turn on TNT on any given day and you might stumble across it.

Mark Wahlberg Shooter (2007) Movie Image

Via : Heat Vision