Lucas Till Gets Stoke(r)

You can add “X-Men: First Class’s” Lucas Till (Havok himself) to the cast of South Korean director Chan-wook Park’s English-language debut, “Stoker”. Till joins a cast that already includes Nicole Kidman, Mia Wasikowska and Matthew Goode, with Wasikowska playing “a teen who is mourning the death of her father at the same time her mysterious uncle appears in her life.”

Rumor has the uncle being a vampire, though not the traditional kind with trashy Euro accents and theatrical cape. The film will be based on the screenplay by Wentworth Miller of “Prison Break” fame.

Colin Firth was originally set to play the uncle, but Goode (“Watchmen”) has since replaced him. No word on what character Till will play, but since he’s just barely out of his teens, Wasikowska’s boyfriend would be my guess.