Lucasfilm Nixes Star Wars 3D Re-Release Plans

Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) Movie PosterWere you one of the people who saw “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” when George Lucas and Lucasfilm re-released it in 3D back in 2012? If you were, then you might have been one of the very few who did saw that latest cash grab totally necessary addition to the “Star Wars” legend, because the film capped off with a less than impressive $23 million haul.

Now one year later, Lucasfilm, which is now the property of Disney, has decided you really don’t care to relive the “like watching paint dry” romance of Anakin Skywalker and Queen Amidala after all, and as a result the company have ditched its plans to re-release not only “Star Wars” Episode 2 and 3, but also the original trilogy. The original idea, as you may recall, was to re-release the entire six films in order in 3D.

Not anymore.

Now instead of re-living the nightmare of the prequels (and the not-so-nightmarish original trilogy), Lucasfilm will “focus” on the three new films it currently has planned with new owner Disney.

This news comes after J.J. Abrams was officially confirmed as directing the upcoming “Star Wars: Episode 7”, which would jump-start Disney’s slate of new “Star Wars” films. Michael Arndt is currently writing the script, though with Abrams freshly abroad, maybe he should just stop right there and collect his check. I suspect Abrams will be bringing his own people onboard soon enough to rewrite whatever Arndt ends up putting out. That’s pretty S.O.P.

Via : Deadline