Lucky McKee Gets the Shiver

Indie horror writer/director Lucky McKee is pretty hit and miss with me. I loved the general weirdness of his breakthrough film “May”, but didn’t care all that much for his follow-up, “The Woods”, which he directed, but did not write. And then there was that thing called “Roman” that, well, it was out there, but I don’t think anyone cared. Now the boys over at Bloody-Disgusting has news that McKee has picked his latest project — an adaptation of the horror novel “Shiver”.

So what’s it about? BD has the word, and surprisingly, it spells out the entire movie, SPOILERS and all:

Wendy Alden, a young, attractive secretary in a large urban center (St. Louis) lacking in self- confidence and self-esteem becomes victim of a savage killer who has claimed the lives of a number of other women. Somehow Wendy finds the resources of courage to fight back and escape.

Obsessed with killing Wendy, Franklin Rood, the killer, penetrates a police cordon set up to guard her by Det. Tony Delgado, the detective investigating the case. Again, she manages to escape, earning not only Rood’s grudging respect, but his twisted sense of love. He later kidnaps her and brings her to his hideout in the in the woods where he subjects her to a horrific ritual of psychological torture. She is finally rescued and Rood is captured after Delgado succeeds in tracking the killer through a series of wily detection techniques.

In a diabolically daring and cunning plan, Rood escapes jail, killing several policemen in the process. Again, determined to kill Wendy and armed to the teeth, he storms into her office building. During a ferocious display of carnage, Rood is finally killed by Wendy who retrieves a slain security guard’s gun and shoots down the monster of her living nightmare. During the course of her odyssey, Wendy starts as a mouse, finally transforming into a lioness…

I’m still a little shock that BD gave away the entire movie. I guess the trick is how McKee handles the movie, and not what happens in it. Right? Um…

Lucky McKee Gets the Shiver