Ludlum’s The Sigma Protocol Headed to Big Screen

It’s no surprise Hollywood is currently raiding the healthy library of master spy writer Robert Ludlum, thanks entirely to the mega success of the “Bourne” films which, I like to remind people, had about 30 minutes of actual faithfulness to Ludlum’s books before they veered off into their own little world of seasick camera movements and generic CIA conspiracies. Now another one of Ludlum’s books, “The Sigma Protocol”, is headed to the big screen, following in the footsteps of “The Matarese Circle”, which has nabbed Denzel Washington as its star.

More about “The Sigma Protocol” from The Hollywood Reporter:

“Sigma” centers on an American economist who becomes the target of professional assassins. When a U.S. intelligence agent investigating his case finds herself discredited, the two end up on the run and uncover a multinational conspiracy manipulating the global economy and world events. The book was one of the last books written by Ludlum, who is the creator of the studio’s ultra-successful “Bourne” franchise. (Sandberg was a producer on that series, along with Frank Marshall.)

“The Sigma Protocol” will be written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, hot items after the runaway success of “Iron Man”, which they had a hand in writing, along with about a half dozen other people or so. Marcum and Holloway are also writing the “Highlander” remake.

Scott Bernstein and David Ortiz will produce the movie adaptation for Universal Studios.

The Sigma Protocol