Luke Evans Will Menace Fast and Furious 6

Luke EvansLet’s face it, “The Fast and Furious” franchise has never been known for their villains. Hell, I don’t even recall the villains of the last five movies — who played them, what their characters were called, etc. I remember the guy in “Tokyo Drift” was a Japanese guy, but that’s only because that installment took place in Japan. Likewise, the bad guy from “Fast Five” was Brazilian, because the movie took place in Brazil. There’s a pattern here: whatever country the entry takes place in, the bad guy is from there.

So now with Luke Evans in talks to play the villain in “The Fast and Furious 6”, does that mean the bad guy is British, and that the boys will end up in the UK? Not necessarily, I guess. Being British, he could be working in any European country, I suppose.

The plot of part six has “the crew heading overseas to work on a heist job”, since as you’ll recall, the franchise has now transitioned from being a crime film about street racing to a heist franchise ala the “Ocean’s 11” movies, only less, you know, subtle.

Evans is said to be playing the leader of “another crew trying to pull off the same job” as our gang of good guys. Well, good-ish, I guess.

Main actors Vin Diesel and Paul Walker will reprise their roles, along with Dwayne Johnson as the law-enforcement badass on their tail from “Fast Five”. Newcomers will include “Haywire” Gina Carano, as a new member of Johnson’s crew, with Justin Lin back to direct.

Luke Evans is currently at work on Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”, and recently stunk up the joint with “The Raven” alongside John Cusack.

Vin Diesel and Paul Walker in Fast Five (2011) Movie Image

Via : Variety