Luke Goss Snags Lead Role in Death Race Prequel

B-movie actor and occasional Guillermo del Toro collaborator Luke Goss, also known in certain circles as the poor man’s Jason Statham, is set to star in the prequel to Paul W.S. Anderson’s ultra-goofy 2008 action opus “Death Race.” According to Moviehole, Goss will portray, coincidentally, Luke, the original man behind the infamous Frankenstein mask. The storyline is essentially the same as the first outing — criminals engaging in deadly, blood-soaked races for the amusement of smarmy individuals — so anyone hoping for a complete overhaul of the franchise should adjust their expectations accordingly. For the record, I actually enjoyed “Death Race” despite its numerous flaws, though a prequel might be stretching this thin premise to the point of complete translucency. In my opinion, anyway.

“Death Race: Frankenstein Lives” will begin shooting next month, with a release to follow sometime in 2011.