Lumbering Zombies Hoping for a Comeback in Maggie

One of the reasons why I like the Frank Darabont-produced “The Walking Dead” on AMC so much is that it toes the line between fast-moving and the traditional lumbering zombies. They’re not crawling-slow, but they’re not running around like speed freaks, either. I think that’s a pretty good idea — a common ground between the new generation of zombies and the old.

John Scott’s spec script “Maggie”, which was just picked up by the increasingly prolific producer Timur Bekmambetov (“Wanted”) after a “spirited” bidding war, will ditch the whole “you get infected, you turn” timetable of past zombie movies. Now instead of instantly turning, or turning within a few hours or days, the lead character, 16-year old Maggie, will undergo a six month transformation from the living to the undead after being bitten by a zombie.

That sounds novel and all, and I’m glad to see the slow zombies coming back, but hopefully there’s more to the script than just “following” Maggie as she stays with her family during her transformation. It could prove to be an interesting drama/horror, but zombie fans have never been really known for their, uh, patience.

Special effects man Henry Hobson will make his directorial debut on the movie, with the film expected to be somewhere in the $4 million to $8 million range in terms of budget.