Lust, Caution’s Wang Leehom is Stan Lee’s The Annihilator

Wang Leehom

Chinese/American singer, actor, and director Wang Leehom has landed the lead role in “The Annihilator”, an upcoming comic book movie that will be based on an original creation by comic book legend Stan Lee.

The Annihilator Comic Character“The Annihilator” has long been in the works, with Lee coming up with the character and going in development with it as far back as 2011. “The Bourne Legacy’s” Dan Gilroy is writing the script, which will find Wang playing “a young Chinese expatriate named Ming, who must choose between remaining in prison or enlist in a secret US super soldier program. After a grueling gauntlet of tests and experiments, Ming survives thanks to his extreme resolve, gained as a result of his family’s tradition of practicing Qijong and martial arts.”

Basically, he becomes a Chinese superhero and fights crime and, we suspect, uphold the national honor of China. Or something. The film is a co-production between Stan Lee’s Pow Entertainment banner and the Chinese state-run National Film Capital, which basically means the Chinese Government is funding part or most of the movie.

Hey, gotta get that cash wherever you can, right?

Wong is a pretty accomplished fellow, starting his career as a singer before parlaying that into acting, with appearances in “Moon Child” and Ang Lee’s “Lust, Caution”. In 2010 he directed his first film, the romantic comedy “Love in Disguise”, which he also starred.

He’s also currently co-starring in Michael Mann’s “Cyber”, starring Thor.

Via : Variety