Lyndsy Fonseca Says Kick Ass Sequel Won’t be Putting its Balls to the Wall Anytime Soon

Of course, she could just be saying that from her point of view, what with the cute as all get out actress currently busy with the CW’s hit show “Nikita”, in which she has a pretty big part. It’s so big, in fact, the show should probably be called “Nikita and Alex”, seeing as how Lyndsy Fonseca’s Alex character is onscreen for half of every episode’s screentime. Mind you, not that I’m complaining one bit.

In any case, speaking to the boys at MTV over the weekend while at the New York Comic Con, Fonseca had this to say about the possibility of “Kick Ass 2” hitting theaters anytime soon:

It’s going to be a while if it does happen. Everyone’s kind of working on other things, and there needs to be more issues of the comic before there’s material to do another movie. So wait and see.

It’s definitely going to be a while. Director Matthew Vaughn’s got that little mutant movie he’s still shooting, Mark Millar is doing God knows what (all the while saying God knows what), and most of all, little Chloe Moretz, who is not so little anymore, has movies stacked on high right now. And let’s face it, a “Kick Ass” sequel without Hit-Girl just isn’t worth watching. And maybe Aaron Johnson, Kick Ass himself, is also busy, though I’m way too lazy to IMDB him right now. It’s all about Hit-Girl anyway, right?