MacGruber Movie is a Go. For Real. No, Really.

MacGruber started out as a skit on Saturday Night Live that made fun of MacGyver and his ability to turn anything into a nuke. It was actually kind of funny, one of the few skits that SNL did in recent years that actually made you laugh, but like everything about SNL, they eventually ran it into the ground. Until then, it was pretty funny stuff. Richard Dean Anderson himself has shown up in a couple of skits, which shows you the guy’s got a great sense of humor. So now the plan is to make an actual full-length movie based on the MacGruber skit.

Tweets Production Weekly:

Jorma Taccone will direct “Magruber,” based on the SNL sketch parody of the TV show “MacGyver” filming begins next month in New Mexico.

I’m guessing they misspelled MacGruber.

Anyways, it makes you wonder why they didn’t just go and do the MacGyver movie, as has been rumored for a while now and has since stalled since it was announced in 2008. The skit starred Will Forte and Kristen Wiig (Maya Rudolph was also in it at one point playing the same useless female character), and was co-written by Jorma Taccone, who according to Production Weekly, will make his directorial debut with the feature-length version.

As a silly comedy, “MacGruber” kinda sounds like fun. Some of the skits below.